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To my surprise, I discovered over the holidays that the largest Leclerc family non profit organization in North America is run by Leclerc descendants of my great grandfather's brother. They accept "Leclerc" family members from all over the world and are an active group with events each year. I have joined their organization and very look forward to meeting this long lost part of my family on a future visit to Canada.

The same Leclerc family members also run
a confectionery company in Quebec called "Biscuits Leclerc" which was started by my great grandfather's brother in 1905. I look forward to visiting them as well (and even found some of their products in a grocery store as far as Japan - their chocolate chip cookies are very good!).

The Leclerc family organization
website is located here.

Leclerc Family history and reunion
activity schedules are here!
The confectionary company "Biscuits
Leclerc" website is located here.

This company was started in Quebec by
my great grandfather's brother in 1905!

I have also been doing independent research on the Leclerc family history. More information and some books / images about the Leclerc family is at the links below.

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book / livre de la reunion Leclerc (1662-1962)
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